SIA Bill 2011
What We Do

Our Vision

A vibrant, competitive financial services sector that has sound regulatory practices and policies that promote confidence.

Our Purpose

To contribute to the growth and development of a financial services sector that is vibrant and competitive.

The legislation relating to the securities industry, including the investment funds industry, and the financial and corporate service providers which are administered by the Commission and the Inspector, are designed to ensure that adequate disclosure of material information for investment products is available to facilitate informed investment analysis and decisions by the investing public.  Disclosure requirements are designed to be thorough but not burdensome on individuals seeking to invest in or from The Bahamas.

Although the Commission ensures compliance with Bahamian law and promotes adequate disclosure and fair dealing, this is not intended to, nor does it imply endorsement of the merits of any investment. The Commission only requires that information be accurate, comprehensive and be disclosed in a timely fashion.

The Commission's mandate is to formulate principles to regulate and govern investment funds, securities and capital markets; maintain surveillance over investment funds, securities and capital markets ensuring orderly, fair and equitable dealings; create and promote conditions to ensure orderly growth and development of capital markets; and to advise the Minister of Finance regarding investment funds, securities and capital markets.


The Commission is empowered by law to establish rules that govern the financial markets. Other powers include: investigating violations of legislation and regulation exercising the power of search, the power to compel evidence, inspect records and the power to confiscate assets; conducting regulatory hearings to deny, suspend or cancel a registration; prohibiting/suspending trading and other privileges; disciplining market participants engaged in illegal activity; imposing penalties of up to $300,000.00 and imprisonment of up to 2 years or both.

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