Our Vision

A vibrant, competitive financial services sector that has sound regulatory practices and policies that promote confidence.

Our Purpose

To contribute to the growth and development of a financial services sector that is vibrant and competitive.

Publications are critical components of the Commission's regulatory ambit. They serve as vehicles for communicating complex information like statistics and strategic operational plans to the general public. In this section, publications produced by the Commission are stored in chronological order.

Annual Report

The published Annual Reports and Audited Financial Statements for the Securities Commission, for the past few years can be found below, and can be downloaded and reviewed for additional information about our organization.

Annual Report 2018 PDF
Annual Report 2017 PDF
Annual Report 2016 PDF
Annual Report 2015 PDF
Annual Report 2014 PDF
Annual Report 2013 PDF
Annual Report 2012 PDF
Annual Report 2011 PDF
Annual Report 2010 PDF
Annual Report 2009 PDF
Annual Report 2008 PDF
Annual Report 2007 PDF
Annual Report 2006 PDF
Annual Report 2005 PDF
Annual Report 2004 PDF
Annual Report 2003 PDF
Annual Report 2002 PDF
Annual Report 2001 PDF
Annual Report 2000 PDF


Volume 1, Issue 2 – February 2020 PDF
Volume 1, Issue 1 – January 2020 PDF

SCB Review

Volume 1, Issue 1 – February 2013 PDF

Semi-Annual Industry Update and Statistical Digest

Originally launched in 2010, the Commission's Semi-Annual Industry Update and Statistical Digest, 'SCB Lighthouse' provides an update on the legislative, regulatory and statistical functions of the Commission. It highlights the strategic goals, events and communications with the industry and investing public for the current year.

SCB Lighthouse (Special Edition – November 2011) PDF
SCB Lighthouse (Vol.2 - March 2011) PDF
SCB Lighthouse (Vol.1 - July 2010) PDF

Statement of Priorities

Developed in 2009, the Commission's Statement of Priorities identifies the organization's goals and objectives and develops a plan for achieving them during a calendar year. It focuses on improving the business capabilities of the Commission while strengthening its capacity to execute its mandate more efficiently.

Statement of Priorities 2012 PDF
Statement of Priorities 2011 PDF
Statement of Priorities 2010 PDF
Statement of Priorities 2009 PDF

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