SIA Bill 2011
Investor Corner

Our Vision

A vibrant, competitive financial services sector that has sound regulatory practices and policies that promote confidence.

Our Purpose

To contribute to the growth and development of a financial services sector that is vibrant and competitive.

At the Securities Commission of The Bahamas we believe that a well informed investor is a well protected investor. Although not explicit in its mandate, one of the primary responsibilities of the Commission is to protect the interest of the investing public. Protecting the investing public is based on a simple premise: if investors have confidence that they will be treated fairly in the capital markets, they will be willing to invest. Therefore, the Investor Education Program, under the theme Getting My Money Right, aims on achieving the goal of building investor confidence.

The program uses a variety of services and tools to address industry related problems in a targeted and efficient manner. Initiatives under the Investor Education Program at the Commission are subcategorized into modules including a Public Service Announcement Module (uses local media houses and air time to communicate designate investor education themes) and a Joint Initiative Module (recognizes initiatives done in partnership with other investor education and youth targeted programs).

By intent, the program assists investors in realizing, setting and achieving financial ambitions through the application of basic investment principles.

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